A New Party Plan Locket Company to Rival Origami Owl’s?

If you’ve been around the direct selling party plan business long enough you know it’s inevitable that another “me too” will come along. Some people are terrified of competition but in my opinion, competition can be a good thing. Because it means there’s demand and when it comes to jewelry, some women, just don’t seem to have enough.

There’s a new party plan jewelry company that offers the exact same lockets as Origami Owl Living Lockets. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two as they are the exact lockets. And the reason why this wouldn’t put this new company in hot waters is because Origami Owl does not own the creation of these lockets.

Origami Owl is a wholesaling company that buys these lockets overseas and offers these lockets as a jewelry party plan company with consultants retailing these lockets through home parties and online. Another reason is that these lockets are already in existence, well before Origami Owl arrived. What made Origami relatively unique is that it was the first to offer these lockets as a direct sales party plan company.

Since Origami Owl officially launched as a party plan company January 2012, it has generated huge demand from women nationwide. In fact, the company exploded so quickly it had to put the breaks on recruiting due to inventory shortage. The company still has a long so-called waiting list of potential consultants. However, with this new locket company and those women having to wait to be consultants, their patience will be tested and potentially steer them to this new locket company.

For Origami and in fact any new direct sales company, this is an enviable position to be in with women lining up to be consultants.  But with success comes competition and I expect this new locket company which is in a soft launch phase right now and will officially launch February 2013, to compete with Origami Owl. How will it rival Origami Owl?

Because for women that love the locket look, this new company offers the exact same lockets.  The charms and accessories are relatively close in selection too.  It could be a game changer. If nothing else, this new locket company will take a chunk out of Origami Owl’s market share but with additional jewelry to appeal to other non-locket fans as well as locket fanatics.

Another feature I really about this new company is the $29 sign up fee which is a “discount” option in my opinion.

There are also two additional start up fees starting at $199+ which offers flexibility for discount shoppers and business builders. The low entry of only $29 is a great option for women that want to shop at a discount and test the water before jumping in with the higher start up options. Either way, you can’t lose with the $29 option and buy jewelry at a discounted price.

Are you a fan of charms and lockets? Feel free to email me if you’d like more info.


Janette Stoll

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2 Responses to A New Party Plan Locket Company to Rival Origami Owl’s?

  1. Susan Henry says:

    Would like more info on this “new locket company” what is the name?

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