Thirty-One Gifts Consultants: Online Marketing Tips to Attract Leads

If you’re a Thirty-One Gifts consultants and serious about growing your home party plan business, you know marketing is the key to your success. Being in the direct selling business for several years – I can definitely relate to some common mistakes consultants make as I’ve made plenty myself!

The first mistake I made was thinking the products were enough especially since I was selling jewelry and fashion accessories back in the day. You figured by wearing your company products is marketing in and of itself. It is easy to advertise your home party plan products simply from wearing your favorite jewelry pieces, jeans, clothes, and for Thirty-One Consultants, it’s easy to carry your handbags and totes everywhere you go.

You have the advantage of having cute products that attracts attention. But there’s a big difference between someone commenting on how much they love what you have on to converting that person into a customer.

If you want to make those sales, you need to attract customers on a consistent basis, and marketing/networking is the only way to increase your leads list. Particularly for a non-consumable business because this format relies on direct selling at home parties. Home parties are the most lucrative and at the heart of a party plan business.

#1 Expand your marketing efforts

I know all direct sales, network marketing, party plan companies teach new consultants the same thing: make a list of people you know and start sharing your new business with them. So go fill out that list, tell your friends and family, get your business launch booked, but START expanding your marketing efforts beyond this immediate circle asap!

The biggest reason why anyone would quit the business is because they’ve run out of new leads.

In a party plan that relies on parties – you can’t expect people to come and ask you to book parties. This only happens at the beginning when people are excited for you and want to help. You need to make the initiative and ASK people. And the more people you know, the more likely someone will say yes, if you have enough people to ask.

#2 Marketing online

I know this is a daunting task for some of you and I’ve been there 3 years ago when I started my blogs. But there will never be the perfect time to learn. Just get started and do one task each day to build your online presence. Start a blog, write a new article each day, post it on your blog, share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

While you’re learning to write, pick up books on blogging, internet marketing, and learn as you go. So what if you make mistakes, that’s how you learn. And don’t worry about your articles or blog being perfect – it won’t be to you because we’re naturally more critical of our work, but it might be just perfect for someone else. So get started and stick with it!

The best way to grow your Thirty-One Gifts business is to continue doing the offline networking, meeting new people in your local community, and network with everyone you meet. And when you’re home with your kids as many direct sales consultants are, use your home office hours to network and market your business online.

You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ll make if you get started and do something every day online to market your Thirty-One Gifts business!


Janette Stoll

**#1 Direct-to-company Team Leader for a new, ground floor all natural direct sales personal care products company. I love helping my team use online marketing to grow their new business, effortlessly.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks so much! My team will love your article on Thirty-One. Everything is true. Great tips and perfect timing for my team! Thanks!

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