Success in Your Home Party Plan Jewelry Business

Selling jewelry in a home party plan can be quite lucrative and not surprisingly, jewelry party plan companies attract women in droves to this business. And if you’ve been thinking about starting a home jewelry party plan, the following suggestions are for you.

Jewelry is wildly popular, not only a popular category in direct sales/party plan companies, but there’s an abundance of jewelry choices. When you go to a craft/vendor boutique, jewelry is the most popular category. There’s jewelry online such as Amazon and Etsy, regular retail stores, discount stores, boutique shops, and many more. Why? Because jewelry is a highly profitable business and let’s face it, most women love jewelry.

But if you’re planning to start a jewelry business with a direct sales party plan company there are important things to consider and decide if it’s for you.

A Facebook contact on a group that I belong to posted that she is pretty much leaving her initialed/embroidered handbags party plan business because it’s increasingly harder for her to book parties. By the way, this is one of the most common, if not the #1 reason people quit the party plan business, and here’s why …

I know I’ve addressed this issue in my previous blog posts but I feel the need to re-iterate because I hate to see good people starting this business under false pretense that selling is easy: whether it’s Stella and Dot, Origami Owl Living Lockets, Willow House, Jillian Chase, Initials, Inc. or Pampered Chef, whatever it is you’re selling … products just don’t sell themselves, period.

Of course, there’s a difference between someone that just love the jewelry and want to do an occasional party versus someone who is serious about building a large team.  If the latter is you, these tips are for you.

#1 You will not make the big bucks if you’re not doing parties in a party plan. It doesn’t matter what jewelry company it is. All jewelry companies rely on parties to make the big income. No parties, means very little income, if any.

#2 It is easy to book parties right away especially if it’s your first time and your friends are happy to support your new business launch party. But what happens 3 months into your business?

#3 It is NOT easy to keep the parties booked after you’ve invited your friends and people you know unless you aggressively market your business by networking, online and offline.

#4 It’s only difficult to get parties booked if you’re not willing to ask. This can only happen if you open your mouth and ask everyone you know if they would like to host parties, catalog party, or online party. In a  party plan, it takes someone who isn’t afraid to ASK people to host parties for them.

#5 You can do vendor/craft shows boutiques as an additional source of income to sell jewelry but since there are a lot of jewelry companies, make sure you’re the only one in your company, and if there are other non party plan company consultants, it’s good to ask what type of jewelry/price points.

Your love for the products does matter but there’s a difference between a hobby and a business. If you’re planning on starting a real business … you need to have a plan before you plunge in. Success in your home party plan jewelry business is more than just loving and wearing the jewelry!


Janette Stoll
Direct to company Team Leader
Consultant #965426

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