Is the Home Party Plan Business Right for You?

Like a lot of women I’m drawn to girly things – clothes, jewelry, handbags, products that smell yummy, and so forth. And in direct sales, there are a lot of great companies that get my attention. When you see products you love it’s tempting to sign up to be a consultant. But what I’m seeing in the party plan industry with women I know is that they’re not having success. Is it the products, company, or could it be the home party plan business isn’t right for them?

Think long term if the home party plan business is right for you.

It’s so easy to sign up with a party plan company for $199 or even less. It’s also easy to launch your first party, invite people you know and most will come to help you launch your new business. But the problem is the long-term success after the initial excitement wears off. And your pals have already hosted a party or two for you and bought a few items.

Of course passion for your products is important. You need to love the products otherwise it’s impossible to sell. But you also need to think long-term – are you willing to hussle, get out, network, meet new people so you can get those parties booked?

After the excitement wears off and some of it will, what are you willing to do to hit the monthly personal volume required? When you’ve saturated your friends and family and suddenly realize you need to sell $250, $500, or whatever the amount is in your party plan to be “active” or earn from your team members … you start to panic because the month is closing in and you’re nowhere near the monthly requirement.

There are dozens of Facebook groups that I belong to and all the status updates are either business opportunity pitches or “I’m short $200 this month … “. Sound familiar doesn’t it?

The reason I’m sharing this isn’t because I’m being a naysayer because I’m in the business and believe in this business 100% but it has to be the right format for you. It’s not for everyone! I’m sharing this because it’s easy to get caught up in the new shiny business and we don’t always think long term.

If you’re like me who’s drawn to cute, girly things, it’s tempting to get caught up in wanting to sell these products. But I’ve realized this format is not a good fit for my personality.

You need to sell and host parties beyond your friends and family to have any success in a party plan business. You can’t make money in a party plan unless you do parties, period. You can sell through catalogs, online, boutiques but the heart and soul of this business is in parties.

The successful people in a party plan are constantly networking and asking everyone they know to host parties for them. That is the only way to consistently get parties booked!

If you decide you love the products enough and willing to do whatever it takes to grow your business. Be sure to network locally, go to networking events, talk to everyone you meet, make new friends, and you need to ask people to host parties for you over and over again.

Parties are fun to attend and fun to host and can be quite lucrative but the key is to get those parties booked consistently and that is the biggest challenge for so many direct sellers. Maybe it’s not the products or the company but perhaps it’s time to re-think if the party plan format is right for you.

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4 Responses to Is the Home Party Plan Business Right for You?

  1. Whitney says:

    Thank you so much Janette. I’m learning and training now, doing shows and attending fairs to get the experience needed. Family and friends will start to avoid you if you keep bugging them. I follow you on Linkedin.

    • jstoll says:

      Hi Whitney! Thank you for your kind words and yes, you can only ask your friends and family once or twice. You want to keep those relationships with them :). Good for you to branch out! Feel free to connect with me anytime. ~Janette

  2. Outstanding post that I wished I’d read a couple of years ago when I was lured into a home party plan business! I was Terrible at chasing the hostess! It just didn’t fit me at all.
    In February, I joined JAFRA Cosmetics because of their business model allows me to build my business person to person or quick coffee chats, no party planning needed!

    • jstoll says:

      Hi Linda! Oh I know, I’ve been there :). But it’s good to experience something so you know without a doubt when something is not right for you. Thank you for your comment!

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